Unit 2a. Experimenting with  science

Class one

Science experiment

Read the following words and answer the question

2. Experiments you can do at home

4. Unfamiliar words

For help click on the following link:


5. Answer the questions

Odd one out

Look at the following words and say wich word does not belong to the others and why

Class two

Instructions match

Read the following verbs and match them with the correct phrases

1. Look at the materials and guess what experiment they are for

2. Complete the first two columns of the table

3. Look up the words in the dictionary and match them with the pictures in the book

For more help click on the following link:


Oral cloze

Look at the following experiment and answer the questions:

1. What you need to do the lava lamp?

2. What is the first step to do in the experiment?

3.What happened when the water and the oil were mix?

4.What happened when the alka seltzers were introduce to the bottle with the water and the oil?

Class three

5.Read the instructions again in the book and circle the verbs. Then choose the correct option.

6. Language awareness

Look at the following picture and answer

1. How we can recognize imperative verbs?

2. Which is the form of the imperative in the first person?

3. Give some examples

Simon says