Dulontaz Watkins

Dulontaz Watkins

Day 1

I made a model of the  Washington monument. I made this because it was very easy and fast. I worked on this project with Dylan. It took us about five minutes to make. It was part of the camp maker camp. I made this out of legos. The challenges was keeping the monument sturdy.

Day 2

  1. I had a bishop and turn it in to my own piece of art. I put a star on the bottom put cylinder in the middle. I learned how to use tinkercad.

Day 3
I made a replica of fort mchenry. Its was very hard making the base. The easiest part of fort was the flag. I made a building with holes to look like a over its a porch. I chose fort mchenry because i have been there before. Also I knew what the close up view looked like If i wasn't able to see it on Google.

Day 4
I remade my chess piece. This chess piece i like better because it look better than the old one. now its better piece of art than the first one. It has the superman symbol at the bottom.

Day 6
For my project I was making super heroes symbols. Then I combined them to make my own personal symbol. I feel very happy with this project. My favorite part was seeing how the finish project would come out. My least favorite part was thinking how would I combine them together.  I also helped Dylan by telling him that he will need a base for his maze.

Day 7 Today I work on super villains symbols. I put the DC Ares sword and Bane's symbol as the handle.I also worked on kryptonite. I am trying to hollow it out and then put  green L.E.Ds.

Day 7 I worked on Stark towers. This was a very hard project. I had to make small shape for the final project.The easy part about this project was the A's because i already had them on another project The finish project looks great to me. I cant wait for it to print out.

Day 8

Today I made my own super villain. It wasn't hard at all. I already had the body parts made. I made him live in Stark towers.The easy part about this project was ever thing. I also worked on a project for Izzo. I put the apple sign on the andriod sign. Then put a pizza on the base of the statue.