Taylor's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

William Christopher Handy in Alabama in a cabin.Williams parents were ministers and also very poor. William was very young and had to work various jobs. As a boy he liked to play music.So his jobs would pay him to work and he would save his money to by his guitar.

When he bought the guitar he went home to chis parents,when he walked in the door his dad said, you bought a guitar and was really angry.Williams dad thought that any music outside of church was the devils music.williams father was so angry that he made william take guitar back to the store to by a huge dictionary.

To be honest i dont even know W.C. Handy.The only thing i know about him is that he likes music. I wonder why his parents don't like any other music but church music.not to be rude to jesus some people get tired of just listening to church music. Another thing is that i don't like w.c. handy i hate blues now i am kinda with the parents.like why would u like the blues.and that is my opinion on W.C.handy

Carl Orff

Carl Orff liked music.

Founded a school.

Was all about percussion instruments.

Carl's school was bombed during World War II.

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