The First Good Day

By: Kivi Costigan

I was just a child
innocent, with a clean slate
or at least I thought so.

I don't remember much.
A young man came in ,
cuffs on his wrists,
with orange covering his skin.

Why were those men there?
The men with the uniforms,
badges, and guns.

I searched for my brothers hand.
It was so far away,
miles even. But I found it,
and held on tight.

A woman I've met before
is sitting in the front row.
I know her, I have met and talked with her.

I think that's my grandma,
yes that's her. I'd know her her face
anywhere. Even if I've only seen it
a few times, thats okay.

The people who take care of me,
they're nice. They say I can call them
Mom and Dad,
So I think I will.

My brother says we will be okay.
He tells me this every day now,
ever since the night we came here.

That was almost five years ago.
5 years since I was abandoned.
5 years since I've seen my dads face.
5 long years.

And yet I'm fine,
Still clutching my brothers hand.
I realize
It's done and finale.

I now understand.
My past behind me.
Hopes and aspirations fill my head.

As the man in the orange shuffles out,
I don't try to stop him.
He is part of my past,
I must look to my future.

As we leave, I look forward to tomorrow
Because that will be my first good day.

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