Cupid is the mythological son of two gods,  he has the power to make people fall in love. When cupid makes people to fall in love most of the time it is between gods and mortals.

Cupid's parents are Mars and Venus. Venus is the Goddess of love,

while Mars is the God of War.

Cupid is known to be a ancient Roman God of love. Cupid is associated with heart tipped arrows, a bow, and valentines day. Cupid is seen as a kid wearing a diaper. In the play of , Much Ado About Nothing, the character Don Pedro portrays as cupid. Don Pedro is able to woo Hero and make her fall in love with Claudio. Shakespeare choose Cupid because he was a god of love and the story was tied strongly around romance. In the play, various characters were in love and this was based on Cupid and psyche love.

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