Buffalo Bill Cody
By Jared Wright


Buffalo Bill Cody was one of the greatest marksman in the United States. He lived from 1846-1917. He was a hardworking scout in the army who won his name by killing 1,000 bison in just 1 ½ years.

What Was His Early Life Like?

Buffalo Bill Cody’s real name was William Frederick Cody. He was born in 1846 in Le Claire, Iowa. Cody lived in Iowa and moved to Kansas in 1854. He worked with a wagon train company and carried letters for the Pony Express between Missouri and California after his dad died. Cody earned his nickname by working as a Buffalo hunter.

What Was His Adult Life Like?

Buffalo Bill lived on a ranch in North Platte. He took people on tours where they met Native Americans. He decided to put on a show called The Wild West Show. Buffalo Bill was an American plainsman, scout, and showman near Davenport, Iowa. Buffalo Bill Cody lived from 1846-1917. He died in Denver and was buried on Lookout Mt. near Golden Colorado.


Buffalo Bill Cody was a scout in the army. He shot 1,000 bison in 1 ½ years. He won the right to use his name for killing so many bison. In 1846 Buffalo Bill Cody rode on the Pony Express and fought in the American Civil War. He was an expert rider who was willing to risk death daily.


Buffalo Bill Cody won an award for shooting 1,000 bison in just 1 ½ years and shooting 68 bison in a challenge. He will be remembered for being a great marksman


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