Road to American Revolution

1215-Magna Carta- the Magna Carta was an English document that inspired the colonists to want to be independent and have their natural rights because they were once English citizens

1754 to 1763-French and Indian War- war between the French and Indians and the British and Colonists over territory in the New World

1763-Proclamation of 1763- peace agreement that gave the Indians all land beyond the Appalachian Mountains; the colonists could not settle there

1764-Sugar Act- the British taxed all sugar and molasses

1765-Stamp Act- the British taxed all printed materials

1765-Quartering Act- the British made a law that allowed British soldiers to take residence in any colonists home

1765-Stamp Act Congress- a meeting of the colonies to come up with a plan against the new British laws

1766-Declaratory Act- the British stated that they could pass laws and the colonists had to abide by them

1767-Townshend Act- the British taxed imports to the colonies (tea, silk, glass, paint, etc.)

1770-Boston Massacre- a fight between the British soldiers and colonists where six colonists were killed

1773-Boston Tea Party- the Sons of Liberty, dressed as indians, entered three British ships and threw barrel of tea into water

1774-Intolerable Acts- series of laws passed that made the colonists even more angry

1775-Ride of Paul Revere- Paul Revere rode on horseback to warn Massachusetts's colonists of the coming British troops


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