Haunted House

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Devils Day

Have Fun!

October 30th, Devils Day, is the most scariest day before Halloween. The Haunted House will be held at The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls SD, starting at 6:00pm- 10:00pm. Admission is 5.00, donations are welcome!

When you enter the building be ready to follow the sounds of screams and cries. If you do have to leave... you won't! Not until you finish the trail.

The Haunted House is suppose to be the remembering of many ghosts, and everything else that walks this Earth. You will also see many animals during your scary walk.

  • Call 987-2323
  • twitter:@hauntedhouses34
  • instagram: Haunted_House34

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AWESOME BESTIE! I C U! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha