The Wall Street Bombing
By: Kyle S.  (Historical Fiction Story)

My name is Aaron, and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. It was just a regular, plain, old boring day to school. I’m 15 years old, and a go to Eastern High. Today was the first day of school. I was walking to school.

“ Hey Aaron, what’s up?” says my friend Hank. I nod and just keep walking.

“ What’s wrong Aaron, cat got your tongue?”

“ No, it’s just my parents. They got into a huge argument about moving to California. They say this place is not safe.”

“ How come? You're Upper Class and you're living in a Lower Class neighborhood.” We kept walking down the streets. It seemed suspicious. Of course I know a secret way. We take a secret alley between two buildings and we arrive at school.

“ I’ll see you in class” says Hank, then sprints off to a group of people. It was busy. Busier than usual. Everyone was outside, enjoying the surprisingly good weather. I let the thought slip my mind and ran into the halls with the bell ringing behind me.

The school day was over faster than I thought. Faster than any day. I really didn't feel good about this.

“ Aaron!” A girl named Sophia ran to me.

“ I was waiting for 30 minute where were you?” Oh did I forget to mention? Sophia is crazy.

“ Um, why did you wait?” I asked.

"mean to interuppt, but what is that horse pulling?" It seemed to be at least 30 meters in front of us. "Hey it looks lik-" BAMM! A huge explosions sends hundreds of bricks at me. Then the impact came. The whole world went black. I wake up on the ground, my arm is throbbing.. I hear nothing but my name being called and the loud ringing in my ears.

I felt so heavy, then I looked down and saw a lot of bricks on me. I get up and there is a huge gash in my arm. I look around and the place I was at was demolished. Dead people on the ground, people being helped, it is all so sad. My school is gone, and that is when I saw it. Hank, my best and only friend, sprawled on the ground, dead. His leg is snapped in half and his head is busted up. I turn around, and I see Sophia, running over to me.

“ What happened?” I ask.

“ It was a bomb. It killed many people. I don’t how many, but it’s bad.” I walked around, looking at the damage. It was horrible. People gathered around, looking for their loved ones. The police are here, and telling people to evacuate. I look for the alley, but it is piled with bricks. I try to help, but no one wants any. The police are starting to get mad at people, who are starting to ask questions. One police has a weapon that you don't want to mess with. People stay to find people under piles of bricks. I see the horses. I go look at them, and them are destroyed. I look at the box, ripped open. It had to be that. The police walk up to me and make me leave. I walk home, not knowing what to do. My mom asked if my arm was ok, and I just realized that it was cut. It needed help, so I went to get stitches. I listened to the radio, and police have not found any suspects. They are still investigating. I didn't know how angry I was. Who would do that? They killed my friend! It was late that night, so I decided to sleep.

The next morning, they have not found the people, and they may shut down they case.

" Last morning, a horse pulling a box exploded in Wall street. We-" I cut off the radio and I decided to let it go. It was in the past. And what happened yesterday, will never be forgotten.

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