China City Profile

Vinay Hirani

Background Information

In the past years, China have been having talks to how they can improve their pollution and environmental issues. As shown by many studies in the past few years, it is evident that China’s pollution levels are causing severe damage to the country. According to the WWF’s website about China’s air pollution is causing people respiratory and heart diseases. Even though that the government see this as a problem 75% of China’s energy is still dependant on coal. On the other hand, the demand for automobiles in China is constantly increasing and this means that they won’t be going anywhere with the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and this means that 7-10% of China’s GDP is going to pollution cost alone.

Questionnaire / Survey

I sent out a short survey regarding China’s overall pollution. I asked them what they think about China’s pollution issue and what they think that they should do to change this. I think that these questions will help me to investigate more on what people think about the issue because if they don’t think that it is a big issue in the country then they would have very strange responses for example, saying that the air quality is really good and that they should continue to use effective and fast ways of producing power (burning coal). I think that this could give insight to the ruling of China and it could show ways that the Chinese Government should change there ways to accommodate for the change in their society. For example, an increase demand for cars or for confectionary items.

Explanation and Analysis

Majority of the people as expected responded to the first question (What do think that situation of China’s pollution is like), very bad. This means that the pollution issue in China has been recognised by people and people see that it is a problem and that it needs to be solved. People put the situation of China’s pollution issue around 2-3 which means that it is really bad and it needs to be addressed. The second question that I asked was what do you think that China could do about their pollution problem considering that 75% of their power comes from coal and many people responded with the use of renewable sources of energy and this means that people also know about how they can fix the problem but then my question is why don’t they want to change anything. China have already had many talks on what they could do to stop the pollution and haze issue that they have and they clearly have the solutions to doing so. Also, it isn’t a problem of a shortage of money because they have so much that they are planning to build 50 more nuclear power plants in 2016 which is a step in the current direction. So I think now, why haven’t they noticed this problem before and why haven’t they done anything to ensure that this doesn’t spiral out of control from the beginning.

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