Come To The Piedmont!!

These are some hills in the Piedmont region

The piedmont is an area of rolling hills. Piedmont means "foot of the mountain." The piedmont has forests, lakes and rivers. Red clay gives the ground its color.

Location- The Georgia Piedmont is located between the coastal plain and the mountains in the northern half of Georgia. It covers the middle of Georgia.

What animals live there? - Opossums, squirrels, Canada geese, ducks, woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays and owls.

What plants grow there? - Pine trees, oak trees, and hickory trees are mostly seen in this area.

Here's a look at a common lake in the Piedmont.

This is a overall look of the piedmont region with its most common features.
This is where the Piedmont region is located in Georgia.

The geography in the piedmont varies wide from very big lakes such West Point Lake to rolling hills. There is really only one major city in the Piedmont and it is Atlanta which is known for its major car manufacturing and Delta which is airplanes. Some major jobs are economic activities are car manufacturing and Delta the airplane manufacturing and even freight terminals where 18 wheelers go and pick up freight and deliver it.

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