Duties Performed By Majed Abdeljaber As The Executive Director Of American International Staffing, Inc.

Majed Abdeljaber is the Executive Director of American International Staffing, Inc., a widely sought after staffing agency in Dallas, Texas. He established the company in 2011 with the aim to provide reliable staffing solutions to employers looking for intelligent and dedicated candidates. In just a few years, the company has managed to establish themselves as a trusted choice of numerous employers not only in Texas, but throughout the country. A great deal of credit for the company's success goes to Majed, who strives to handle the staffing needs of each of his clients with utmost care. One of the things that sets his staffing agency apart from others is that it sponsors Foreign Nationals holding advanced degrees in specialized fields, such as Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Engineering, Healthcare, Information Technology, and many more.

To ensure that the staffing needs of his clients are adequately met, Majed Abdeljaber has hired a team of recruitment professionals holding many years of experience in the employment sector. When interviewing the potential candidates for his clients, he and his team look beyond a paper resume. Apart from considering their CV, they heavily invest in ascertaining that the candidates do not have an objectionable history by performing strict background checks. Screening the potential candidates helps them save their clients from several issues, like workplace violence, alcohol or drug abuse, employee theft & fraud, employee turnover, and many other job-related accidents.

As the Executive Director of American International Staffing, Inc., Majed is also responsible for the design and implementation of recruitment processes & strategies. In addition to that, he performs extensive reviews of the work performed by staff attorneys on behalf of the firm's clients and continuously research about the labor certification processes, immigration-related hiring processes and/or H-1B regulations.

Majed Abdeljaber also works in conjunction with the Compensation department to maintain a global perspective of salary interpretation and ensures that appropriate salary offers are being determined for the candidates. He actively participates in sourcing, recruiting, and selecting candidates as well as in formulating employment offers. He also facilitates the recruitment strategy meetings with the HR managers and recommend final candidates for department interviews. Apart from playing an important role in the process of selecting talented candidates for the clients (employers), Majed oversees the financial management and future growth of the company as well.

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