The Moons Importance                        

                                    Whitney Schrader 6th hour

The Moons Role

Phases are one of the different apparent shapes of the moon as seen from Earth. Tides are the periodic rise and fall of the level of water in the ocean. Eclipses are the partial or total blocking of one object in space by another. This all accrues because of the moons rotation. The moon has eight phases. There is low high heap and spring tides. There is linear and solar eclipse.

We have eight different phases of the moon. There is full moon, waxing crescent, waxing gibbous third quarter , waning crescent, waning gibbous new moon. We have theses different phases because of the earth and it rotations. These phases affect us here on earth for not the long. They usually last two to three days. Phases are like when the moon turns away from the earth its cold and when its not its warm.

The different tides are low, high, neap and spring. Moon tides are formed from gravitational pull from the moon. They affect us on earth because of the different levels of water. When its low you really can't fish and if its high the water is high. There is four different types of tides.

The eclipse that we have are linear and solar. We have them because of the moon. The affect earth not that bad. The cause different seasons. Eclipse happen every six years. It effects us because of the sun.

If we did not have the moon we would not have light. If we did not have the moon we would always see dark. It would never be light. It would affect everyone. People that do not have electricity use the moon for light and if we didn't have it they would be bad. This is why it is good for us to have the moon.

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