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Everybody loves to see a bit of somebody else's point of view & one way to see through another person's eyes is to look at what they do.. from taking pictures, going to events, or just hanging with family.  So if you'd like a look from my recent life, just continue on through this page & your wish will be granted.

My little sister likes for me to take selfies w/ her creeping in the background.

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March! :)


School has been stressful considering this is the last week that we could turn in grades. With that being, we have to continue being on task with THIS week's work & the work from two weeks ago. My AP World History class has been enforcing more stress onto me since its basically an independent learning class. You have to be able to obtain a rather well work ethic so that you can be able to teach yourself most of the concepts & lessons. I have actually been studying a lot this week at home & within most of my classes, which will hopefully help.


I checked in with the two classes that I have been barely failing & my grades have been boosting up every day. I'm pretty proud of myself. My work ethic is also increasing my confidence. Most of the work that I have been doing is the AP World History class. The work from that class just keeps piling up no matter what I do. With such occurring, I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but I will keep going until my grade is at least passing.


When I was in second grade, I had a lot of problems ranging from home to school. The teacher I had then was Mrs. Karens. She helped me with many instances, even outside school. She was basically my counselor. She, of course, also helped me out a lot with school considering I'd miss out on a lot of days. Doing such for me, she'd take time out of her day to summarize what we had learned while I was gone. I appreciate her so much for doing everything she had done.     


I've been thinking about how life might be for me after I finish high school. I'm not even sure of what I want to become when I'm older. I've always been really good at math & science, so maybe I'll go into a path of that sort. Either way, I'm not prepared for what the future may bring. Although, I WILL do my best to become successful.



The lights went out last Friday & I'm honestly glad they did! I've been needing a change of some sort in my schedule, no matter what little change it did. I got to spend more time with my best best friend as well so I had a great time. The rest of that evening went amazing as well.


After I graduate, I plan to just live out the rest of my teenage years that I'd have left. When I'm about to turn twenty, I want to attend college to major in any field that consists of math & science. I'd most likely want to become a doctor, but I'm not sure since that'd require many years of study; I don't know if I could afford such a longitudinal time. Either way, I plan on committing the rest of my life towards a good will. Combining my desire to help people & my skills in math & science, I will most likely push myself to being a doctor.


Easter this year is going to be awesome! My family is coming down to the valley to celebrate with us. I haven't communicated with them in what seems like forever even though I saw them in November of 2013, which was six months ago. My family is quite an excitement to be with, fortunately so we will somehow be able to make the best out of this weekend even without much. I am blessed to have been related to them.


This weekend turned out better than I had expected! I am pleased with this announcement just by stating it. Instead of the traditional breaking & finding eggs, we changed things up. We also received a surprise invitation to my cousin's wedding! They decided to have it down here while visiting. The wedding was, of course, Easter colored themed.

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