The Abuse towards women & children

By Kloey Cole

Children in the Holocaust

Women in the Holocaust


There is many things that has happened to both women and children in the holocaust. Many things that are really bad. Ever thought of why so many people never wanting holocaust to happen again? It cause many horrible things have happened to both women and children. Women losing children. Children not living to as long as they could.

Ex. for women: rape

Ex. for children: experiments

So this is all about the horrible things on both women & children.  


  1. about 1.5 million children killed
  2. prisoners hid the babies that were born with thin the ghettos and camps so they can survive.
  3. children over the age of 12 were used for laborers and subjects for medical experiments.
  4. hose children killed during reprisal operations or so-called anti-partisan operations.
  5. children killed immediately after birth or in institutions;
  6. In the ghettos, Jewish children died from starvation and exposure as well as lack of adequate clothing and shelter
  7. sent the majority of children directly to the gas chambers
  8. In spite of their acute vulnerability, many children discovered ways to survive
  9. After the surrender of Nazi Germany, ending World War II, refugees and displaced persons searched throughout Europe for missing children
  10. Thousands of orphaned children were in displaced persons camps.

Time Line

People involved

Hero relevant

Anne Frank is a girl that went through a lot in the holocaust and shes quite popular

Why Is It Important

Why is it important? That's a very interesting question. well in my opinion its very importent because, if we didn't know what they did time could repeat itself and then we have another holocaust on our hands. I mean think about it raping women for children just to use them for experiments is wrong. Put yourself in one of their positions. having to go through the horror of being raped and then having your children striped away from you or being the kid not having a chance to live. Its not fair is it? I mean not unless your like hitler and you don't have a heart. I know that if we don't show people what they did back then it could happen again.


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