Uday Joshi of Massachusetts - Education is Fundamental

Uday Joshi is originally from Massachusetts, but fell in love with the New Mexico area while studying at the University of New Mexico. He graduated from the school with a Master's in Water Resources, and then decided to continue on to the University of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque. He got his Juris Doctor, and graduated with honors with a Natural Resources Certificate.

Uday Joshi is part of a group of r quality professionals around the world that work hard to teach water quality education, training, and business opportunities. The field includes a diverse group of individuals including scientists, engineers, regulators, academics, utility managers, plant operators, and other professionals. Uday Joshi uses his collective knowledge to further a shared goal of improving water quality in the New Mexico area. He is working to drive innovation in the water sector and increase awareness of the value of water.

Uday Joshi preforms many duties within his area of expertise which includes writing technical manuals and books, developing training materials, and helping to develop conference programs and content. He works locally in New Mexico to address emerging and cross cutting water issues. He is highly dedicated to his field and works actively to make a difference in the water quality and resources within his community.

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