Google Documents

L8: Getting Started with Google Documents

  1. Look for any words that have spelling suggestions. Select the correct spelling for them.
  2. Cut and paste or drag and drop the last sentence of the first paragraph so it becomes the second sentence of the same paragraph.
  3. Copy a few phrases to the web clipboard, and practice pasting one into your document.
  4. Select a place to insert a special character as decoration.
  5. The name of the country club is wrong, so find and replace Weston Heights with Weston Ridge.
  6. Decrease the left and right margins in page setup so all of the text is on one page.

L9 Formatting Text and Hyperlinks

  1. Select the first two lines at the top of the page.
    • Change the font style to Arial Black.
    • Increase the font size to 14.
  2. Select the schedule of events, and change the text color.
  3. Look for a word or phrase you want to highlight. Highlight the text by changing the text background color.
  4. Try changing the alignment of the date, schedule of events, and location of the event so they are centered.
  5. At the bottom of the flyer, create a hyperlink to explain what a silent auction is using the URL:

L10: Using Indents and Tabs

  1. Press the Tab key to indent the paragraphs in the cover letter.
  2. Try using a tab stop to align the dates in the professional experience section of the resume.
  3. In the resume example, create a bulleted list of job experiences under Giddeon Computers.
  4. Create a new page for the document. Create a to-do list using a multilevel list.

L11: Inserting Headers, Footers and Page Break

  1. Create a header for the report that says Alliope Systems Monthly Report. Format the text so it is bold and right-aligned.
  2. Create a footer and insert the page number so it is centered in the footer.
  3. Try adding a fourth footnote to the document.
  4. Add a page break after the Alliope Systems logo.
  5. Insert a horizontal line after February 2012 to separate information in the document.

L12: Inserting Tables

  1. Add an additional row below the last row of the table.
  2. Add text to the row you created. Left-align the text horizontally, and center it vertically.
  3. Modify the cell width of the Materials Needed column to make it wider.
  4. Try increasing the border size.
  5. Select a row of the table, and change the cell background color to your favorite color.
  6. Try inserting a new table on the second page.

L13: Inserting Images

  1. Try uploading an image to place on the left side of the text.
  2. Use one of the search options to find a birthday image to insert into the document.
  3. Change the position of one of the images.
  4. Resize one of the images.

L14: Creating Drawings

  1. Insert a new rectangle next to the rectangle that says Tim Nguyen, Research Assistant.
  2. Add some text to it.
  3. Change the background color of the Lead Researcher's rectangles.
  4. Save & Close the drawing to insert it into the document.
  5. On the second page, reorder the shapes to bring the white shape forward.