A Day at the Beach

Jayla Johnson 4/16/14

Sliver Beach sits there when it’s covered in fluffy white snow

Yet Even when the sun is beaming on the sand

Even when it’s dark or not

Your waves arrive and take off

Gigantic or tiny

But they all bring so much joy

Children playing, roughly kicking the ball along the sand

Children laughing, cheerfully like the day will never end

All through the day

People coming, People going

O’ what a day

Sand in my toes

Burning my feet

Ran to the water

Got to cool down the heat

Rocks and Pebbles in the sand

Kite’s flying high

A fiery ball in the sky

Scorching us in the summer

Watch the sun rise and set

Filling the sky with orange, yellow, and red

Looking along the aqua water seeing that the day is almost over

Walking along the beach leaving a path of memories

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