Staying One Step Ahead of Cancer

Kandice and Sarah

5 Key Points

1. Researchers believe that cancers need to start individualize the treatment to cancer, and stop making it so broad.

2.Mayo clinic has began to freeze tumors to study when it was diagnosed, the treatment that was preformed, and if and when it reoccurred. With this they have started research to see what different treatments help different cancers.

3.Since there are so many differences in one type of cancer,they are now trying to filter out the real bio markers instead of irrelevant bio markers.  

4. With all the studies they are doing, they are using them to uncover molecular patterns that could possibly predict the course of the disease.

5.The cells when you have cancer are abnormal and by cutting and pasting together scientist have been able to find good bio markers of the disease. Helping them find what specific gene or genes that were being rearranged.

2 New Things We Learned

1. Each cancer could have a different treatment, making it a better chance to overcome and rid the cancer.

2.With all the new research they have done , they have found ways to predict cancer before you are even diagnosed.


Mayo clinic has been doing their share of research on the different ways to treat cancer. They have been freezing tumors, studying the diagnosis,treatment, and if it reoccurred. With this new found information they have found that not all cancer can be treated and cured with the same kind of treatment. Now they are finding the treatments that cure the caner. Scientist are working with the study of bio markers to identify markers with an active approach. This type of treatment is more accurate for prostate cancer.Using all of the new bio marker discoveries, will help doctors make more precise diagnosis, and prescribe more effective treatment. With all of this, will help people avoid unnecessary treatments.


True or False: All cancer can be treated with the same treatment and be cured.
True or False:Biomarkers are helping doctors make more precise diagnosis



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