Tackk + Padlet

By using Padlet as a submission location for student projects, teachers can easily view a wide variety of media tools including Tackks. Students can also view each other's posts and projects.  This provides a publishing site for student work.

What is Padlet?

View the Padlet features videos (above).

What is Tackk?

Tackk is a digital presentation tool and so much more.  Tackk can be used in the classroom to create, curate, and collaborate.  

Tackk can be used as a blog.

How are SHS teachers using Padlet?

Discussions (Moderated or Not)

Submission Platform/Publishing

1) Click on either the first or last post

2) Scroll as needed to view the attached website, image, or video without downloading or opening another page.

3) Click left or right to quickly move through all submissions on a page.

Example:  Try it with the Tackk below.

Padlet Tool Tips

I typically use the grid layout. The first submissions posted will be at the bottom and the newest submissions at the top.

Have students use the link tool (see below) to paste a link to their project website.  If it is not submitted this way it will not embed or be interactive within the Padlet.

In the privacy settings I usually use the hidden link option and attach the link to my agenda and/or digital content page.  I also like to moderate posts so that students can't view each other's posts until I "allow" the posts.  

Padlet provides a variety of share options including embed codes.

Background and title images can be changed and you can upload your own images.

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