Rachel field

By Aukeem Harrison

Rachel Lyman Field (1894–1942) was an American novelist, poet, and children's fiction writer. She is best known for the Newbery Award-winning Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. Field also won a National Book Award, Newbery Honor award and two of her books are on the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award list.

Field was a descendant of David Dudley Field, the early New England clergyman and writer. She grew up in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. As a child, she contributed to the St. Nicholas Magazine. She was educated at Radcliffe College.

According to Ruth Hill Viguers, Field was "fifteen when she first visited Maine and fell under the spell of its 'island-scattered coast'. Calico Bush [1931] still stands out as a near-perfect re-creation of people and place in a story of courage, understated and beautiful.

Field married Arthur S. Pederson in 1935, with whom she collaborated in 1937 on To See Ourselves. In 1938 one of her plays was adapted for the British film The Londonderry Air. She was also successful as an author of adult fiction, writing the bestsellers Time Out of Mind (1935), All This and Heaven Too (1938), and And Now Tomorrow (1942). They were adapted as films produced under their own titles in 1947, 1940, and 1944 respectively.[citation needed] Field also wrote the English lyrics for that version of Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria" used in the Disney film Fantasia.

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This  small house fitted him like some square shell

Weathered and worn, as if it somehow bore

His very likeness, but no smoke thread mounts;

He will not stand in greeting at the door

As he stood, gaunt and smiling, three days back.

He has no need now of the wood he piled;

The water pail and dipper, the small store

Of china on the shelf; the rocker there.

The bed-quilt will not warm him any more

On northeast nights. Birds that he fed still flock

Fearless and singing round about his door.

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