Drayton Valley Community School   Student Profile

Share who you are with us!

Welcome to new and returning students to Drayton Valley Community Outreach School's 2014/15 school year. We are happy that you have chosen us to help you meet your own personal goals and to help you complete your education. The staff at DVCS want to know about you so we can personalize your learning then we can maximize your experience with us.

Take a bit of time...no longer than 1 hour to tell us more about yourself! We want to give you options, but no matter what you pick please tell us more about:

What are you passionate about or interested in? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Why you are at DVCS? What do you enjoy about learning/school? What about school do you dislike/struggle with? How do you see yourself as a learner? What qualities do you respect in a teacher? Who is your go to person for school & personal life? Is there anything you want to share that we should know?

Here are Some Options but BE as CREATIVE as you want:

1. Are you more of a traditionalist? Use the "All About Me" provided in your registration package. Write us a letter. Use a word cloud like Wordle or Tagxedo

2. Are you creative? Create a piece of art that represents who you are. You could do a cartoon drawing or a portrait, take photos or create a photo collage. Write a poem. *Include a paragraph to explain the visuals you have chosen.

3. Are you a techie? Create a video, blog post, a Tackk (like this one)...any other way that you may know (create a mashup on Garageband, create a virtual slideshow...u pick!)

4. Have a sit down and just talk to one of us about yourself.

*Remember these are just a few ideas... we just are interested in you. Please share any digital content with kim.desmarais@wrsd.ca and any paper copies can be returned to Mrs. Robb any time you are in. We would love to have you complete this within 15 days of registering.

Any questions or need technical help contact Mrs. Desmarais.