Death of Marat
By: Jacques-Louis David

 The Death of Marat is an oil canvas painting. The painting is of the death of Jean-Paul Marat. David is a french painter with a neoclassical style. This painting is now displayed in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussis. Marat lived in a sewer for most of his life. He was a writer and caught peoples attention by writing the L'ami du peuple which was the local paper. As a journalist, during the French revolution he made a lot of people agree with the French revolution and the killings. This made Charlotte Corday mad because she lived in the provinces and was against all the violence so she murdered him. After the people started to call him a figure of God. When this painting was painted, people thought he was a symbolism of Christ by the similar wounds on his hands and feet, and the way his body lay in the tub.


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