Metro SkillsUSA T-Shirt Design

Real Work. Real World. Real Life Success!

One design will be selected to be worn by the students and staff that attend SkillsUSA AR state conference in Hot Springs.

What should you include on the shirt design?

Metropolitan Career Technical Center
Little Rock, AR
SkillsUSA AR 2015
50 Years of SkillsUSA Champions at Work

The text that you include doesn't have to be in that order.  You can create a graphic.  Design a back as well. Be creative!

You may use the SkillsUSA Logo and or the Metro Shield.
You may come up with a creative phrase to go on the shirt "Ready to Conquer", "Bringing home Gold...etc.

Don't use my examples! Think of your own! Be creative!

Explore - Find 5 eye-catching designs.

As part of Monday, March 16th's due now, locate 5 t-shirt designs that catch your attend. Notice that most designs are line design. Meaning you aren't likely to see a photograph, but simple art.

Sketch out some ideas!

~Web search~

1. Create 4 thumbnails.

2. Choose one design and create.

This is the general school shirt...not specific to SkillsUSA.  The one that you design should be for the SKILLSUSA Championship!

If you draw out the design scan it, then draw (trace) it in Illustrator to create line art.

Create on 11"x17" page in Ilustrator.

Remember to only use black lines...Do not use a photo!  Create line art.

Here is the current Metro t-shirt design.

This is a general t-shirt design for the school.  The one you will create should be specific to SkillsUSA AR Competitions!

Who's design will represent Metro?!