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Dian was a second generation English Immigrant on her father's side. She lived her younger years in California Her parents separated when she was at an early age due to her father's heavy drinking and involvement with the law. Dian stayed with her mother who later remarried to a Richard Price. His involvement in Dian's life was unnerving due to his stern traditionalist ideologies. Her interest for animals was withheld due to house rules. She was permitted once to have a goldfish, but when it died she was not to have any more pets. During her college years her parents didn’t really help her out in anyway so what she did was just kept going on her college career and her aunt and uncle stepped in and started to pay for her finances.

The seed was planted and although she regretfully denied several different trips to Africa, one also offered by Mary White in 1960, she still had a burning desire to go to a place where all the animals weren't driven into little corners, roaming freely about. Understanding that financially she could not afford the trip, she began to accumulate literature on safari's, and was determined to reach Africa before the year ended in 1963.By June of that year she had made arrangements to hire a Nairobi safari guide at the price of Five-thousand dollars. She mortgaged her income for the next three years from the hospital to a loan company at an interest of twenty-four percent.

She continued to educate herself with any kind of literature she could find. One particular book "The Year of the Gorilla" by zoologist George Schaller held the most interest for Dian. This was the start for her desire to learn more about the rare mountain gorillas which was explained in Schaller's book.Packing for her first encounter to Africa, her luggage didn't compare to the amount of medication she had to bring along. Dian's allergies were certainly not on the itinerary for the trip, so she suited herself with all the allergy medicines she could imagine.

After getting a grant from the Willkie foundation which supported Jane Goodall with her efforts in studying chimpanzees, Dian was now headed to Africa. She was later supported by the National Geographic and left for Africa after resigning Kosair Children's Hospital in 1966.

Dian Fossey was murdered by an unknown attacker in her cabin at the Karisoke Research Center in the Virunga Mountains in 1985. The attacker hacked her to death by what investigators believe to be a machete. They entered through a hole in the wall prior to the attack. No arrests have ever been made, but local authorities believe it to be poachers who were at odds with Dian and her anti-poaching brigade of but a few soldiers.

Death (1932,1985)

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