Frankenstein Vocabulary

By: Amber Doan


Obsession: the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire.

Example: The girl having an obsession with chocolate.
Sentence: I have an obsession with Pretty Little Liars and Twisted.
Synonym: Passion
Antonym: Loathe

Agitate: to move or force into violent, irregular action

Example: Anna was annoyed by her tapping on the table.
Sentence: The winds of the hurricane agitated into the ocean.
Synonym: Annoy
Antonym: Calm, Soothe

Toiled: hard and continuous work; exhausting labor or effort.

Example: She worked all night on her project.
Sentence: The men worked hard for their daily toil.
Synonym: Effort, labor
Antonym: Lazy

Grotesque: odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.

Example: The ugly Christmas sweater.
Sentence: She wore a grotesque Christmas sweater this morning.
Synonym: Odd
Antonym: Normal

Feverish: excited, restless, or uncontrolled, as if from fever.

Example: Excited for her new phone.
Sentence: She has been feeling feverish all week for her new phone.
Synonym: Excited
Antonym: Calm

Convulsive: of the nature of or characterized by conclusions or spasms.

Example: Having a seizure
Sentence: She had a convulsive seizure during recess.
Synonym: Shaky
Antonym: Calm

Devoured: to consume destructively; recklessly

Example: Pie-Eating contest
Sentence: He devoured the pie at the pie-eating contest and ended up getting 1st place.
Synonym: Destructive
Antonym: Nibble

Anatomy: the science dealing  with the structure of animals, humans, and plants.

Example: The dog's digestive system.
Sentence: We studied the anatomy of the frog and learned that it has similar organs as us humans.
Synonym: Biology
Antonym: Empty

Gnarled: having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance.

Example: Gnarled tree branches
Sentence: Her nails were growing so long that they were starting to gnarl up.
Synonym: Twisted
Antonym: Straight

Shunned: to keep away from because of dislike or caution.

Example: Shunning someone annoying
Sentence: She shunned the movie screen when the scary part came on.
Synonym: Ignore
Antonym: Notice

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