Mo is Great!

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1. The of a moving object can be determined by multiplying the object's mass by it's velocity.
2. The total momentum of any group of objects remains the same, or is conserved, unless outside forces act on the objects.

3. Momentum= Mass x Velocity

4. Its likely the the P for Momentum is the Latin word for "petere" which means "go towards'' and they couldn't use M because its already used for mass.   

5.  The motorcycle has to have lot more speed since the Van kg.

6. Sticky collision sometimes end up sticking together during a collision. And the non-sticky collision is when two objects of the same mass don't stick together and outside forces (such as friction) are negligible, the objects just trade velocities.

7.  An Elastic collision is an encounter between two bodies in which the total kinetic energy of the two bodies after the encounter is equal to their total kinetic energy before the encounter.
8. An inelastic collision, in contrast to an elastic collision, is a collision in which in which kinetic energy is not conserved.

9. Inelastic collision because when you throw the clay on the floor, instead of bouncing it the kinetic energy is not conserved.

10. In physics, angular momentum, moment of momentum, or rational momentum is a measure of the amount of rotation of the amount of rotation an object has, taking into account it's mass, shape and speed. The earth has all three of theses things whens it rotates around the sun.

Here are both examples of Elastic and Inelastic collisions.