Learning how to use new websites and I learned how to type faster.

I used the computer to go on a website called web typing and that program helped me type faster than I did before. Also it helped because i got to experience to go on that site.

For the first Quarter I learned how yo type faster and to use Prezi, word, Tackk, and online safety. Mrs. Finklestein taught me how to type faster because she introduced me how to a program called Web Typing which enhanced me to learn more about typing.Using web typing helped me increase my typing which makes me want to become a Account when I grow up.(Thinking about it.) Mrs. Finklestein also taught the class about online safety which helped me a lot so when I get older I will know what to do about the situation. She also made me love to write stories by using the program called Prezi. Mrs. Finklestein showed us a site that teaches kids how to use word: I loved it because know I'm a pro at using word. Tackk is like a poster but just online. Prezi is like a power point but much better in my prospective. I wish that the quarter never ended because I love Mrs. Finklestein and her magnificent sites that she lets us go on . Also, she a very magnificent teacher so I would like to Thank her you teaching me new things.

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