Alternative Energy

Because we're running out of fossil fuels!!!

Energy that we will eventually need!

This is a lot of solar panels for conserving energy when one day we will NOT have fossil fuels.

This is a solar powered plane that can probably conserve more energy than we can imagine.

This photo explains why you shouldn't be outside on a windy day. It shows power and strength of the force of wind

A windmill may give us energy for our houses, are schools, and even our LIVES!!!

A geyser is probably one of the mos productive source for geothermal energy.

This geothermal energy can heat up the ground and basically change it's form.

Water is a good example of hydroelectric energy.

Hydroelectric energy can probably put water underground so it can be stored for decades!!!

In my opinion, biomass energy can build us homes from wood and crops from soil.

Wood is biomass energy because it's a carbon neutral. Plus, wood can make homes for people to live in!!!

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