Gun Control

One of the many on going debates in America.

Gun control, like many other issues, continues to be an on going topic in America.

Gun Control continues to be an on going debate in our nation. This argument consists of two stand points, Pro Gun Control, and Anti Gun Control. The group of Pro Gun activists, vastly contains the Democratic party. This party, like the opposing party, is highly opiniated on this issue. The Pro Gun Control activists believe that there should be restrictions on the ability of purchasing fire arms. They believe that the large oppertuinity and ability to buy fire arms is one of the leading causes of murders from gun shots. The opposing side, on the other hand, believes that it is not the easily accessable purchase of fire arms that is causing gun shot wounds and deaths. The Anit Gun Control group believes that the fine line between life and death lay in the holder of the gun, not the gun itself.

                     The debate basicly consists of the NRA(National Rifle Association), and National Gun Control Inc. The NRA opposes gun control laws, when National Gun Control Inc. urges for  them. The first regulation towards guns was passed in 1934, at the height of prohibition and gangster mobs. The 1934 National Fire Arms Act was an act passed by federal government, banning "gangster' types guns, such as machine guns and sawed off shot guns. Although this act banned that sort of fire arms, it was still very easy to purchase a fire arm, and that fact still worried many, thus leading to the second act regarding fire arms. The Fedreal Fire Arms act of 1938 was an act passed, requiring an individual has a license in order to import, manufacture, and sell fire arms. Although this made the ability of purchasing guns not as easy, there were still no regulations to ensure people's saftey, and many guns were, and are still sold illeagly. The next act was passed in 1968, the year Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were killed, and 5 years after John Kennedy was killed. This Gun Control Act forbided that a person carries a gun in a federal building and in schools, and forbided a person with felonies from carrying a gun at all. But, guns were still widely purchasable, and still widely carried in public places. Another act regulating fire arms was not passed until almost thirty years later, in 1993, with many killings in between those years. In 1972, former president George Wallace was shot and killed, and in 1975, an assination attempt was commited on former president Gerald Ford. But, these killers were targeting more than just politicans. In 1980, widley known and respected artist and peace activist, John Lennon was shot and killed in front of his appartment in NYC.

                           In 1993, the Brady Bill was passed. This law required a 5 day waiting period in order to purchase a fire arm, avoiding first impulse killings. The Brady bill also reqiured law enforcement in each town to check the mental and crimminal history of anyone purchasing a fire arm. Although there were many restrictions now, Pro Gun Control activists were still fighting with the NRA to get more saftey regulations, based on the fact that military style guns were availabe for purchase, which have no other intent than to kill. The two sides fought vigurosly, and in 1994 the Crime Bill was passed. This stated that all military style guns were banned from manurfaction, and the sale of large cappacity rifle magazines. Although the Brady Bill was passed in 1993, they were still fighting for more gun regulation laws, which lead to the Second Brady Bill in 1998. The Second Brady Bill required all gun buyers to fill out an application, and their background be checked by the FBI.

                         My stand point on gun control laws, is that I deffitenly support them. I believe that the wide availability of fire arms deffitenly had to be knocked down a notch. Although there are background checks, you can not be 100% sure that a person will not go out and kill just because they have a clean record. People still find ways to get guns, such as the Virginia Tech killng, in recent history. This was the largest killing in history, and was commited in 2007. The killer was legally able to buy a gun, with a clean mental and crimminal record. We can never be sure who is going to cross the line between the decision to kill or to not kill, or the line between sanity and insanity. Despite this, I continue to support gun control laws and regulations, I do not believe that they are taking away rights, or that their intent is to take away rights. They are simply trying to save lives, their primary cause is to prevent death and promote saftey.

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