For my project, I have decided to look more into traveling and went on a educational adventure to discover the different cultures of the world.  


1.Why do people travel?

2.What are some cultures of the world?

3. About how many people travel per year?


Why Do People Travel?

         People travel all the time for so many different reasons, whether its to get away or try new things.  While doing research I found that people like to travel as a way to challenge themselves, enjoy new experiences, to find themselves, to learn a new language, to experience new cultures, to party and have fun, to see new things, and to try new foods.  By traveling, you can experience so many new cultures all around the world.  

No matter what the reason is as to why your traveling,  you will always find a benefit one way or another.  Whether it expands your mind, helps you become more flexible, put things into perspective, or helps you to become more active, it is for your good.  Traveling has its health benefits as well.  Research has shown that people who feel fulfilled are not only happier, but also live longer.


What are Some of the Different Cultures of the World?

  • Ancient Egyptian Culture
  • Ancient Mayan Culture
  • Chinese Culture
  • Colombia Culture
  • Greek Culture
  • Italian Culture
  • Korean Culture
  • Jamaican Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Malaysian Culture
  • Mexican Culture
  • Native American Culture
  • Phillippine Culture
  • Samoan Culture
  • South African Culture
  • South Asian Culture
  • South Korean Culture
  • Spanish Culture
  • Thailand Culture
  • Peru Culture


How Many People Travel Per Year?

About 3.3 billion people will travel this year alone.  Thats almost one third of the entire population.