Chapter 3 project.

Comparing Estimates

Countries: Brazil,
Austria, and Switzerland

Real population took on

I think most people didn’t estimate to high or too low.
There were 12 estimates that were higher than 5%. Most of the people who I
asked tended to estimate high. Rather than estimating low. But the estimate
wasn’t too high, at least for most of the people. The highest estimate off the
actual answer was 55%. He was my cousin who lives in Switzerland and was asked
to give an estimation of Brazil. He estimated 90 million when the real
population was 198.7 million. My cousin was 55% off. But from what I saw from
the estimates for Brazil, they were mostly above 110 million. Also from the
estimates given from Austria most of them ranged from 5 million to 8.5 million.
For Austria the estimates weren’t higher than 8.5 million. Then for the
estimates for Switzerland given they mostly ranged from 5 million to 10.5
million. I also noticed that the people I asked gave a reasonable answer to the
question. The people have quit same thinking from one another. Everybody I
asked didn’t give an outrageous answer. I was also surprised that some of the
estimates were really close to the real population.

Why I chose my project: I chose this project because I enjoy
collecting data. I asked the estimates from my two home countries and the
current one I am living in. It was fun getting in contact with my old friends
asking them, and also talking to them again. For me this project was the
coolest of all that we have done for now. I hope we keep on doing fun projects
from time to time. Like I’ve said before I hope we can do more projects that
involve colleting data. I hope you like the project.

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