Odyssey Timeline

By: Dimonelle Sessoms, and Brenna Bryant

In the beginning after the battle Odysseus said that he won the war and that the Gods did nothing to help.

The Lotus that Odysseus' men ate made them want to stay on the islands longer.

Polyphemus (Cyclops and Son of Poseidon) He went to his island and him and his men got captured my him

Calypso has an affair with Odysseus and Circe holds him captive for 5 years in a trance and turns Odysseus's men into swine.  

Tiersias was a blind prophet in the Underworld. Odysseus slits a sheep's throat and lets the blood pour from it and lets the prophet drink it as a offering to tell him when he will return to Ithaca and what he will encounter.

Odysseus orders his men to put wax in their ears and tie him to the pole of the sail. The sirens sing and puts Odysseus through much agony and he fights to get free of the ropes, but every time he does that they have to tighten it more.

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