Newport International Group LLC Consulting: Enterprise Performance Management and Governance Risk and Compliance


From Strategy to Performance

We have a proven track record of developing key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs) for our clients enabling them to align programs around strategic initiatives and monitor resulting risk and performance. Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) service offering is tightly coupled with our deep partnership with several enterprise systems companies.

Newport Consulting provides Program Design and Oversight of new and troubled SAP programs in EPM, GRC, Mobile and Cloud Computing Domains Our firm is recognized as an SAP Influence Partner across many program areas including Strategy Management, Sustainability Management, Cloud and Mobile Computing, EPM and GRC services. As such we not only understand the software used to govern these disciplines, but also the processes and management frameworks used as the core structure for SAP solutions.

Newport Consulting is a strategy member of the Microsoft Partner Network and Cloud Essentials Partner As members of the Microsoft Partner Network in the area of Strategy and as Cloud Essentials partners, we work with clients to develop approaches leveraging cloud computing, predictive analytics, and mobile technology strategies.

Performance-driven Frameworks

Our firm understands that often times strategy emerges from behind closed doors without the context or definition needed to be properly implemented. We also understand that performance can be top-down or process-driven laterally across the organization. Risk events, when not properly identified and mitigated, compound these complexities.

We offer the following services which enable our clients to gain broader visibility across EPM and GRC program areas:

- strategic assessments

- program and initiative planning

- stakeholder and executive enablement

- employee engagement

- effective communications

Our advisory services focus on the concept of this closed-loop, risk-adjusted organizational performance model.

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