Industrial Revolution Inventions

My invention is a train or railroads/ locomotives

This invention was built in 1712 and it purpose or reason it was made was because people couldnt get around quick enough so they built the first ever and the fastest in its time a steam engine wich is now called a train. It is the biggest invention in the 1700s. It impacted the us greatly to were it took months to move to a different states to were now it could take weeks or days so it saves time to get around. There were some down sides to the train though in the 1700s it could be stolen and it could be broken and they didnt have a way of stoping the train if it was broken down and if it wasnt there could be very bad.

Right here is how the engine works wich runs the rest of the train and its steam wich doesnt hurt the breathing air we have. This engine is the revolution

The train is the same invention just a different name.

this is what we have today and everybody should now what this is

when we didnt have these there was now way of getting aropund unless you wanted to travel around in a wagon you could but you would have to go through mountains rivers and a lot more but when we got trains everything changed you didnt have to risk your life riding around on a wagon you coukld easly get around on a train. now these trains will be faster than ever there build tracks and testing these tracks and build a train made out of some kind of magnetic materail to were these trains will be floating and able to go over 1000 miles per hour and it will never fall off the tracks.

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Railroads/ locomotives

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