Southern Colonies, Southern Paradise

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The Southern Colonies

The southern colonies are a group of colonies found in the southern region of the new world. They are Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. There are many benefits of moving here, like the climate, agriculture and industry


The winters in the southern states are mild and short. This is good for people who do not like snow. Also many crops can survive longer here, as we do not have long, frigid winters, like those in the north.


Here in the southern colonies, there are many reasons why different crops survive well and provide us with profit. For example, out soil is very rich, and is good for growing tobacco, which is one of our main industries. Also, the winters here aren't very long and are very mild, which makes for more crops, for a longer period of time.


One of our main industries is the growing and selling of tobacco, as mentioned above. We We also build ships and sell wood. These are both very good industries to get involved in, but you could also grow rice.

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