No More Wig Advertisments!!!

Dear Mr Jonathan Jacobo

Would you like it if someone always comes to your castle saying if they have permission to snip off your hair for wigs? I most certainly didn’t think so! Please stop sending me advertisments for your company, wigs ur us. My hair is just too awesome to be cut off, it has powers beyond imagination and finally, my hair is what is keeping me alive! I really would not like it if my luscious locks were cut for wigs. These are the reasons why you shouldn't cut my hair off.

My Beautiful hair is just too good to lose. The prince will hate me if you cut my hair off for all the bald people. He might even dump me and put me back in the tower that my fake mother put me in. If you cut my mop of hair, then my golden hair will go to a putrid black and the people with wigs will look even worse! No one will remember me and theguards won’t let me in my own castle, how bad would that be? The prince will be distressed and if an invading army comes he won’t command our army to defend our kingdom and everything in our castle will be destroyed, including my dresses!!!

My hair has magic powers as portrayed in my own disney movie, Tangled. It can heal the sick and cures cuts and wounds. It also keeps people young and youthful. You will probably say that this will be even better if you cut my hair but my locks will lose it’s awesome powers if cut, so no more healing powers! It also helps with my quick getaways. If a murderer manages to get into my castle, I can throw my hair up towards the ceiling or a window. then I can sneak on the roof unseen. I could also blind enemies or even wrap them up and wait for the police to come.

Finally, My hair is the only thing keeping me alive!!! If you didn’t already know, I am 500 years old. Since my hair Has special powers, I can keep myself alive forever! Without my mop of hair. I would be dead! And the prince will never find his true love. Imagine if the prince married one of Cinderella's step sisters. AGHHHH!!! So if you cut off my hair to make terrible wigs, who knows what chaos the kingdom will fall into. So please, stop wasting mine and your time by sending me wig advertisments!

So Mr Jonathan Jacobo, how would you like it is that happened to you? If everyday of your life you have to see the same boring advertisements every single day. I doubt you would like it! I will only give you 2 decisions, will you stop giving me wig advertisements or will I have to send my royal guards to your house?

Yours truly


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