Colonial life
By Ahaan

Imagine you were in the colonial lifetime how hard would it be. It was really hard in the olden   days because they dint even have electricity the only source of light was a candle intil the lamp came out. They had to make there own candles and the candles only lasted for 20 Minutes.  They dint have a bathroom in the cabins. In the day time they would go out to go to the bathroom but in the night they poo or pee in the chamber pot and the youngest child would have to keep it clean Because they would not know if  there was a Skunks or snakes. They had to make the butter by  turning a handle on the butter churn. They had a lot of chores the girls had to help there mom cook breakfast lunch and dinner and gather eggs from the chickens or wash the laundry. If you were a boy you would work on the farm milk the cows or chop down the trees or some days you might have to help your dad build a neighbors house. In the summer there are no air conditioning  and in winter there is only a fireplace to keep worm. Only some people get to go to school. The teachers were really strict and they had a lot of punishments it was not fun for the children. The whole day they had to do chores chores and chores they dint have any fun because they don't have any video games or tv. They dint have a of money only some people had enough money to buy things. Only some people could buy a bed to sleep on but some people had to sleep on the floor. And then the day starts all over again. I am really lucky that I dint live in the colonial times because they dint have a lot of stuff. It was fun learning about colonial times.