The moons importance

Kiersten Hill

4th hour

The moons role

The moon helps the earth in many wayside its helps to give the ocean tides. Its phases cases different light and knowledge to us about the moon. Gives light to us at night reflecting off from the sun at the right angle.these all occur because of moons movement around earth.

We have moon phases because the moon and the earth block one another. These phases affect us on earth because it gives us light and certain phases mean different things. The moon has phases because it orbits earth, which causes the portion we see illuminated to  change. The more phases the longer the earths rotation.


tides are so affective to us here on earth and in oceans. The moons size will determine weather we have low tides or high tides. Most of the time at night you can look at the ocean and see how much of a difference the moon will make to the oceans. You most likely dont want to get into the ocean at night one because you can't see and two the tides are incredibly strong and too scary to risk.


An eclipse is obscuring light from one celestial body by the passage of another. The sun s passing through the moon at the same time creating an eclipse of a moon. This doesn't exactly do much on earth for us except the beautiful sight and knowledge of what's happening. There are many different eclipses and each one is different.


our moon is very important. Think about it what would you do without our moon...? Come to the conclusion that our life and earth without a moon would honestly be scary. Without the moon there would be no tides the study of the ocean would be clueless so take care of our world and enjoy our beautiful spontaneous moon.

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