Everything About Me

Valentina Donoso

Hey everyone, I am Valentina Donoso. I am a girl, just in case. I was born on September 19, 2002. Now, I am twelve years old.


I have one brother that is 18 and a sister that is 16. My mom and dad are divorced but I live with my mom, we still see him every day. I had 2 dogs, a cocker English and another which I don't really now the breed. But now I only have one because the cocker died this year July 7, 20 days before she could turn four. I was at a camp and it turned out that she died while I was there, which made not want to travel anymore. I still think about her every day, not even missing one. You can see a picture of her when she was a baby.


I love to dance. it is my passion. I have been dancing since I was four, now I'm on pointe. I love it and will never quit, ever. That will be my profession when I grow up. It is something that touches my heart, when i dance the whole world disappears.

Where I Live

I live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. On Thursday, some students in a school played the Ouija and are possessed. They said that they are about 20 that are possessed. they were taken to a hospital and are tied to the beds. I post this so you prevent this. Here is a video about the event...


I LOVE food. It is my guilty pleasure. Food is everything to me, it will never judge me and will never leave me. Food is my everything, my whole world. I don't have an specific favorite food, I like almost everything except vegetables and some fruits.


My favorite books series is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. She is one of my role models in writing. Her writing is so touching and descriptive. It is so descriptive that it is a shame that the characters aren't real. She is a very passionate writer that was able to touch, not only mine, but others heart with her writing. Thank you Cassandra Clare.


In conclusion, I like many things. I love food. I miss my dog. I have a favorite book series. Santa Cruz is crazy now. And I love to dance, what else can I ask for?

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