Battlefield Technology

BY Emily Hendricks

Future Warrior systems and Wired Soldiers ( Synonyms)- Soldiers who utilize IT systems to improve function in training and on the battlefield. This is and advantage over the enemy and a way to do things quicker and more efficiently, such as training and communication.

Countries invested in these systems:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Finland
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Israel

Screens or small portable computers are placed in a visible location on the soldier's helmets and display the following information:

  • location of allies and friendly forces
  • known enemy positions
  • routes
  • locations and commands of military objectives
  • etc.

**These pieces of hardware must be extremely durable**

Augmented Reality may also be used to overlay data on the surrounding environment providing information and helpful insight without the soldier getting distracted.

Screens may also be placed on a soldier's weapon so that they may shoot around corners and see their target without exposing their bodies to the enemy.

What It Will Do

  1. It will reduce the danger soldiers face from entering unknown situations.
  2. It will increase effectiveness.
  3. Greater situational awareness will reduce the accidental death or killing of an ally or someone ( known as "friendly fire") on their team because the system will allow soldiers to tell the difference between enemy and friend.
  4. It will monitor a soldier's condition-with a built in GPS people at the head base will be able to identify the location of the soldier.
  5. Heart rate monitor will determine if the soldier is dead or alive
  6. Stress monitor will determine if the situation is worth sending help for
  7. Health status- determine if the soldier needs medical attention or not
  8. Provide alerts if soldier is not moving for a long period of time

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