Revolutionary Organization 17 November

A.K.A November 17, 17N

Amit Patel Current Events

1. The Revolutionary Organization 17 November, a.k.a. November 17, have their base of                operations in Greece.

2. It is believed that the people of November 17 are closely related to one another.

3.The goal of November 17 is to remove the U.S. bases in Greece,the Turkish military                presence from Cyprus, and to cut off Greece's ties with NATO and the European                      Union.

4. It is estimated that the group is very small and has around 25 people in it.

5.The group was established in 1975.

6. 17N's first attack, on 23 December 1975, was against the U.S. Central Intelligence                  Agency's station chief in Athens, Richard Welch. Welch was gunned down outside his             residence by four assailants, in front of his wife and driver.

    December 1976, 17N's  murdered the former intelligence chief of the Greek security                police, Evangelos Mallios.

    In January 1980 17N murdered Pantelis Petrou, the deputy director of the riot police               (MAT) and his driver.

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