Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

At, we specialize in professional printing canvas prints, framed acrylic prints, metal and select paper prints. We prefer to focus on service for Canadian customers specifically, enabling quick service, less shipping expense, and no additional brokerage fees. We recommend thicker frames for larger canvases to ensure stability and durability. If the print is very large and the frame is very thin, the final product will be unstable and may warp or break.

Photos are special because they are the most perfect way to freeze a memory in time. While social media has completely changed the way people display photos of their special memories, there are still plenty of offline ways to share those sweet moments. One of the increasingly popular ways to display photos consists of photo albums and photo canvas printing; these will convert your pictures into beautiful displays on the walls at home or in your personal office space.

Once you print your memories on canvas, there are lots of different ways to display them. Choose from our Gallery Wall Collection for different canvas sizes to fill your wall. This will help add a bit of dimension and variety to the space. A picture of your child’s artwork may go right next to another photo of the family together. It is nice to mix things up and have a wall that really reflects the vibe, interests and style of the family. With a Gallery wrap you can treat yourself or make the “Perfect Gift” for a friend or family. Our in house professional photographer will insure your picture or painting, no matter what size.

At inkdoodle, Metal prints have become range in the photography market in recent times. They are in fact a great improvement with regard to making your frequent picture look very wonderful, brilliant and luminescent. Pictures as well as your artistry can be printed on steel to not only improve its beauty but also for protecting your useful images and artistry for a long period.

There are many benefits of using metal prints for your photographs and arts. The colors that are used in the process of metal printing are extremely lively and bright.

They carry out a certain details, luminosity and color top quality that your regular papers picture would not achieve. Since your picture is loaded onto the unique protecting, the greatest posting give a record value. The strength of steel posting is significantly greater than your regular pictures and hence there is no need for a structure or cup to secured it.

These pictures can hence be kept in your secure legal care for a long period or approved on to the next creation with convenience.

Metal prints are water proof i.e. they can withstand exposure to water. Hence Metal Prints can be conveniently hanged on your kitchen, bathroom walls or any other walls that you feel are exposed to moisture. This is a great advantage when compared to paper photographs, as they tend to damage when exposed to water or moisture. For more information visit the site