Agents of Socialization: Kassie Frasher


Family has been a huge part of my life. My parents has made me feel loved and they have always taught me to be honest and to do the right thing. My brother is a huge part of my life, even though he is younger than me I still look up to him. My brother and I do everything together. My cousins have been around for years and we see them at least a dozen times each year. They have been an amazing role model to me and my brother.

On my moms side of the family we own a lake house and every summer we go up to the lake with our extended family. We go tubing, swimming, fishing and we ride on the jet-ski!


Gahanna Girls Lacrosse Team

Schools have definitely had an impact in the way I am socialized. Going to school has taught me how to be responsible. It has also taught me how to have adult conversations with an adult. From being involved in many different sports it has taught me how to make new friends and how to act around new people I meet.

Peer Groups

In socialization it is very important to surround yourself with the right people. All of my friends have made a positive influence me. Many of my friends have showed me what true friendship really is.

My best friend Jenna moved to Sarasota Florida in the 8th grade. We have stayed best friends even after she moved. Every summer I either go down and stay at her house for a week or she comes back up to Ohio for a week. She is still my best friend!

Mass Media

Mass Media has influenced me in so many ways. One way is that it is always around us. It is always updating us on what is going on in the world. Over the years social media has changed, and as it changes so do we. It has influenced me personal because it keeps me in touch with my family that has moved away and my friends. My best friend Jenna moved to Florida and we use Skype at least once a month. Since we both have smart phones we follow each other on twitter, snap chat, and instagram. My cousins live in different states now and we keep up with each other by texting and seeing what they are up to on instagram. I also have a lot of friends from karate that live in different states and we keep in touch through social media. Mass Media has helped me stay in touch with people who I don't really see anymore

Scooby-Doo was my favorite TV show as a kid! I always wanted to be Daphne when I was playing with friends.

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