this s the history of public hospitals

a long time ago for years and years, the hospitals were WAY different than what we have now, just as told on the picture below. all the busses, or what we call now ambulences were aslo not as nice and fast as the ones before.

Foreign Hospitals

In order to understand more about hospitals in other countries, we participated in a Skype call with Neha Bhansali, a hospital administrator from India.  Neha was able to compare the costs and type of care that hospitals in India provide versus hospitals in America.  The agency that rates foreign hospitals is the same one that rates American hospitals.  The hospital where Neha was an administrator compared favorably to American hospitals. 

Medical Tourism

Abang and Dylan are showing an example of  most hospitals that will make you have what is needed for sick people(Dylan) even if you do not want it.

i wonder how the hospital beds were like back then and how they are changed now.

hospitals (hospital beds) were not the same then they are now. Back then we did not have the technology and then we have now either. Hospitals have changed since then.