the history of the battery

What impact did the battery have on the conflict between the Northern and Southern parts of the United States?

My subject is the battery and it was created in 1800 by a man named Volta.

The batterys purpose was and still is today to store electricity. Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battrery, first discovred the use of a battery when he used different materials and chemicals such as zinc, lead, tin, and iron for positive plates and copper, silver, gold, and graphite for negative plates.                        

Disadvantages about the battery.

For most of the time batteries are really usefull but they still have thier drawbacks. When a battery turns chemical energy into electrical energy it can let out bad chemicals that can be harmful to people. Also if your not carful then a battery could explode and start a house fire. One last thing is that it can be costly depending on how much you use batteries or how much power something takes up.

Advantages about the battery

Some of the things about the battery are that they can be really efficient especially if you have a charger. Another good thing about the battery is that the box that you buy them in is usually pretty cheap.

How does the battery work?

A battery is really simple. All that is happening is converting chemical energy into electrical energy. A potato battery is the same thing. If you take some wire and some pennies then you can make a battery out of a potato using its chemical energy.


The battery was more affective in the North because the North was more industrial with machinery while the South was more about farming. The South did have machinery but it was used mainly with animals.