European Exploration Proposal

By: Chloe Kim             Period 6

Hello, King James VI and I. My name is Chloe Kim. I have come all the way from the country South Korea and I have come here to England to ask you if you could give me 1,000,000 dollars for my trip to the new land.

Right now it's 1590, but I will be traveling in 1593. As you can see, I need 3 years total to prepare. You should give me money and let me go because unlike the other people who will probably try to waste your money and act lazy, I will work extremely hard to get my work done on time. Also, if I finish earlier I will be able to go earlier which is better for you because I plan on being back in 1597. I think it will take at least one year to get there and I need about eighty people to come with me. Also, I will need lots of supplies such as tools, food, shelter, and all of the supplies to survive.

I'm going to search for gold and other ores in the new land because I want it myself and England also wants it. All the other countries such as Spain, France, and Italy want gold and other valuables, too.

Since everyone is looking for gold, I will find it first. I did some research and I read that the place known as South Carolina, has lots of gold. The photo above shows the path that I'll go (blue line) and the place where other people have been going (pink line). Even though my way is longer, it's safer because I've heard that there are rough seas and many storms, the way everyone else is going.

If I meet other explorers from different countries, I will not create war, but reason with them. We would most likely claim what's our own land. If I find something, I would ask them to help me dig/mine it out. Then, I would give them one fourth of it. I will also give you half of it as long as I also get one fourth.

You are probably wondering: what if I come across diseases and random people known as Native Americans?

Well, I've found a solution to that. For the diseases, I will drink fresh water, edible/healthy food, try to stay warm, and use the supplies from England that you will give to me. If I come across the Indians, I will not create any war, but I will trade things with them because I've heard they plant and harvest many crops.

This is the world and I want to explore it.

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3 years ago

Yours is really cool Chloe!

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@kellimcdaniel thanks kelli!