facts/ things i learned

  • A world without light would be hell to those who fear darkness. Suffocating and surrounded with entangled thoughts,that drown your head with imaginary nightmarish creatures lurk. Being anxious, for there is no path seen. Would there be a future without the creation of "Light".
  • japan has the most country covered with lights.
  • took many improvements from the 1800s to form a single light bulb that had long lasting light, non-dangerous, and affordable.
  • Thomas Eddison created the first light bulb that was most "evolved"
  • they have Cfls and Leds light bulb

How to stop the dangers of a light bulb

Invent and improve the current light bulb and build it as high voltage and long lasting while cheap, so even the poor have light.


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World Map of the location of light bulbs


  • pollution
  • wasting materials for things that could've been done better.
  • broken glass
  • some have mercury inside
  • can cause degrees of burns when touched

The world would be dark, yet filled with stars....(There will be light from the sun...)

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