“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

                                            – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe

I believe in the the power of friendship,

the love of god,

the importance of family,

the courage of people ,

the freedom of people,


But don’t believe in, lies.

I believe in doing your own thing,

I believe in being different,

I believe in always being there of a friend,

strong, strength, courage,

And I believe that life is going to be hard at time but we will all get through it.

I Believe essay

My credo is about family and friends always being there. It is about always being there when a friend need’s you. Also people having enough courage to do there own thing and not worrying about what anyone else says or does.This credo is about how I feel and my friends always being there for me no matter what I need. These beliefs are important to me because, the way i was raised was to treat people how you want to be treated. It is important for me to stick to theses ways because if everyone stuck to this they would never be any drama. Everyone would try there best to get along. My credo is changing everyday because it is very hard to be nice to people when some people don't know how to shut up about stupid stuff and I think some people do it to be center of attention always looking for some kind of attention. Some people just do it for attention. It would be beneficial for people to do there own thing and step out of the box and be different you never know what you can accomplish without everyone else. You don't need people to hold you back have the kind of friends that will help you accomplish your dreams. Be different don’t be the same as others. If everyone was the same then we wouldn't have different stuff in the world it would all be the same.

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