How to make a Budget
by Floribel Gonzalez

1. Make a list of everything you spend for a couple of weeks.

  • I have spent my money on Clothes & Shoes, Food, Toiletries, and Baking Supplies.

2. For the same time period record everything you earn and its source.

  • I help my grandma clean windows and her garden $20.00
  • I help my parents do chores around the house $20.00

3. Now the you have recorded it, analyze it.

  • I think I get enough money to buy simple things that I need specially if I learn how to use it wisely.

4. Is it a good idea to have a little extra for hard times? Why?

  • I absolutely think its a good idea to have money during hard times because if it's an absolute emergency then you might not be a millionaire but you could have enough to help someone out for example in a car accident.

5. Monitor your spending! (Why should I monitor my spending?)

  • I think it would be a good idea to monitor your money and what you spend it on now so that when we grow into adults we can learn how to manage it and not go into debt with bills and more.

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